My name is Stephen Abramowitz, and I am a disciplined creative storyteller.

I have put in the time to get certifications and training that help marketers run their teams more efficiently and build campaigns that win. I am strong with an editor's pen and electric in an interdisciplinary project. From the big picture, to the nitty-gritty, I love to learn a process and use it to get results.

I love making others laugh or think. Sometimes I can manage both. For me, its about finding time to break away from the screen to have a side chat about side projects. My work space starts in the grey areas; those pockets of time on long flights, during introspective car rides and in the shower. The best thoughts are unexpected, organic and jotted down on a sticky note or in the margins of a sheet of paper. 

I have always been a creative thinker. But I am passionate about using creativity to drive people and projects forward.

So that's what I have included on this site. The results of my ideas, teamwork and relationships. 

A brief collection of ideas that matter.



Certified for both Beginner and Advanced courses.


Sue Fee | Director of Marketing at IQVIA

I highly recommend Stephen, he is always professional, extremely conscientious with an excellent work ethic. In addition to that, he is able to understand the larger landscape of a project or strategy and understand how the task he is doing fits into that landscape. He asks excellent questions, which lead him to good suggestions and improvements to process and deliverables. He is able to work independently with little direction in an environment with little structure or standard process, he figures it out. He also took on the development and delivery of an orientation for incoming interns as one of his last tasks as an intern. I have no doubt Stephen is a valuable asset to any organization.





  • UCM | Assistant Director of Branded Content 

  • Email: hefferjm@jmu.edu

  • Phone: 540.568.4553


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